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Canberra’s leading business alarm systems, call G24/7 Security. We’re dedicated to providing all type of quality commercial alarms. Whether you’re looking for a new alarm system or upgrading your existing one, at Serious Security, we only use the best alarm brands in the industry to give you peace of mind when the installation is complete.

Service Advantage

Protection from fire – The alarm system tends to get automatically triggered on once it can detect fire. In such an eventuality, your property and your loved ones will be safe from the threat of fire.

Protection in case of medical emergencies – Patients suffering from terminal illness or accident victims or even people who are senile in their old age tend to be prone to mishaps. With the help of security alarm surveillance system, it is easy to locate them in the house and even rescue them in case of a problematic situation.

Service Advantage

Resale value – The resale value of a house or any such property will increase considerably in case the property has security alarm systems installed in and around the house in order to safeguard its borders.

Comfort –The aspect of comfort also increases for the properties when you know that every inch of the ground both externally and internally is covered via strong and robust security alarm surveillance system. It is extremely reassuring to find that there is a security system, which records the activities of all and the events happening in the house.

Secure Payment

We Provide best secure payments solutions for better safe transactions such as - PayPal.

Best Data Security

We provide best data security to keep your data safe such as providing optimization services.

Qualified Guards

We have best and qualified guards. A vital part of their duties is to conduct regular and thorough security patrols.

Popular Questions

An alarm system comes in three categories – a wired system, a semi wired system and a wireless system.

A wired system is one where all the sensors are connected to the control panel with wires. The cables are usually run through the roof, so you won’t be able to see them.

Benefits of a wired system: never have to change the battery.

A wireless system is one where the sensors relies mostly on batteries. We have wireless systems which relies completely on batteries and ones which are semi-wireless (like alarm pack 3).

Benefits of a wireless system: allows sensor access to areas which are usually not possible, especially for double / triple storey homes or homes with no roof access.

If your home in Single storey with roof access, we will recommend a wired system.
If your home has no roof access OR its a double/triple store and your home isn’t prewired, then we recommend a wireless / semi wireless system.

It takes roughly between 4 hours and 6 hours for a typical alarm system. By typical alarm system, we mean 3-5 sensor system for single / double store homes and businesses. If its larger, then obviously it will take longer.

Depending on the season, we can do an install within 1-2 weeks. If your job is urgent, simply let us know and we’ll try and squeeze you in for the earliest convenient time. Give us a call or fill in the booking form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

If your home is still in the construction phase, and:

1. You have a single/double storey home with no roof access OR

2. You have a double storey home and you’re not keen on a wireless system, then:

we will need to per-wire your home before the gyp-rock walls of your home go up. Make sure you check with your builder to ensure its OK for an alarm company to come and install your alarm. We will complete the install of the alarm once your home is completely built and you’re ready to move in.

If you:

1. Have a single storey house with roof access OR

2. You have your system pre-wired OR

3. You are happy with a wireless system,

We can install your alarm system when you are about to move in.

Cash, PayPal, Bank deposit and Cheque are all OK.
This is expected to be payable on completion of the job or other terms as discussed with our team.

This is fine. Customers want to add more features or change things all the time.

You have the option of working out the price yourself via our easy to use extras information. eg. If your package is 1000 and you want to add an extra 4 sensors, you can simply add the cost of the extra 4 sensors to the package cost.

Alternatively, give us a call or fill out the contact form. One of our consultants will try and help you our to the best of their ability.