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Residential Series

Residential IP Intercom Monitor with WiFi (White)or(black) INTIPMONDW from $450.00
Residential IP Intercom Monitor with Handset (White) INTIPMONDWH from $450.35

Residential G Series

Complete Residential IP Intercom Kit (G Series) INTIPRKITG from $899.00
Residential Series IP Intercom Monitor (White)or(black) INTIPMONGW from $375.25

Apartment Series

Apartment Series IP Intercom Monitor (White) or (black) INTIPMON from $519.00
Apartment Series IP Intercom Management Console INTIPMS from $1,399.25

Intercom Accessories

Door Unlock Expander Module INTIPDM from $52.00
2-Wire Intercom Switch INTIPPOE2W from $175.00