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The Top 4 Benefits of Home CCTV

The Top 4 Benefits of Home CCTV

Home surveillance is cost-effective, easy to set up and highly popular for both residential and commercial purposes. Installing a CCTV system in your home is one of the best ways to keep your home and your family safe. In this post, we will explore four of the main benefits of home CCTV. If you have any questions about home CCTV or which system would work best in your home, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our security experts.

Deter Criminals

This is one of the main benefits of home CCTV. Having a home security system (with evident security cameras) is a huge deterrent to criminals of all sorts, particularly those who scope out neighborhoods and pre-plan their crimes. After all, thieves and intruders are much less likely to target your home if they believe there is a high chance they will be caught.

Your goal is to keep your home, your belongings and your family safe, and having clearly advertised home CCTV is the best solution.

Prosecute Criminals

CCTV isn’t just a great preventative measure – it can also bring criminals to justice. If a criminal breaks into your home (despite your obvious security system), the police will be able to use your surveillance footage to identify the culprits, gather evidence and prosecute the intruder/s as necessary. This means greater peace of mind for you and safer streets for everyone in your suburb.

Reduce Your Insurance Rates

An added bonus if installing home CCTV is financial gain thanks to a reduction in home and property insurance costs. When choosing an insurance policy, the security of your home plays a huge part in the amount of money you need to pay. By ensuring that your house is secure (and therefore mitigating your risk of being victim to criminal activity) you are reducing the likelihood of you making a claim, and this lowers your policy costs. Also, if you ever do need to make a claim, your CCTV footage can provide evidence that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Peace of Mind – Monitor Your Home Anytime, Anywhere

With modern home security systems, you can use your smartphone to monitor your home activity. This means that you can check the safety of your home wherever and whenever you please, even if you’re out of the country. You can also check the footage when you are inside your home – this is really helpful if you have an unexpected guest and don’t want to go to the door, or if you want to locate the source of a strange noise. With CCTV, you can investigate these circumstances without putting yourself in danger. When you’re at home (or away from home), you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is safe and under constant surveillance – home CCTV can provide this.


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